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Patient and Family Testimonials

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I would like to commend the staff here for their hard work and devotion to the patients . Their kindness and ability to go above and beyond has helped in my treatment progress. I would highly recommend this program for any of my soldiers throughout the rest of my career.
Arianne, Holly, Jared, Alice and all of the staff demonstrated professionalism and kindness to me and the other patients. It isn’t easy being in the hospital away from friends and home, but being around these amazing people made it a lot easier.
Gloria is an amazing CD counselor. I really felt heard and validated in each session.
Daniel, Elizabeth, and nurse Lilly are always advocating for patients needs. They are always willing to help and have a positive energy. I continue to choose Aurora because of staff like them. I feel heard and respected by them and appreciate their help.
The staff members here are amazing and really made a difference in my treatment. The program would not be as successful without the caring and compassionate staff here.
Chris in Activity Therapy, thank you for being such a professional role model for me here at Aurora. Your kindness knows no bounds. I appreciate you.
Even when I felt like quitting, seeing Dr. Chiriac kept me motivated and after finding the right medications my treatment was enjoyable. Thank you, Dr Chiriac I will miss you.
Dr. Wang is GREAT!
Carol the Pharmacist at the hospital is so incredible. She is so beautiful and kind.
I am so grateful for all the nurses, doctors, therapists and social workers here. Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful. I am full of gratitude for this place, thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me get on the right path, I truly feel I have a life to look forward to. Thanks again.
Dear kitchen staff, thank you so much for working so hard to make us all GREAT FOOD!