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Community Education Outreach and Presentations

Committed to the communities that we serve, Aurora San Diego believes in community outreach through providing educational events and participation in community health fairs, professional association, and sponsoring trainings for mental health providers and the community at large.

Aurora San Diego Quarterly Clinical Education Seminars 

On a quarterly basis, Aurora San Diego offers a workshop for area professionals covering a myriad of topics related to mental health, substance use, PTSD, social aspects and professional issues/challenges.


Athletes Opening Up to Discussing Mental Health Issues

Athletes opening up to discussing mental health issues

In this article, read the stories of three student athletes who found support for their mental health struggles.  With help from their trainers, athletic counselors, and therapists, they're now breaking barriers and fighting the stigma to discuss how their lives were impacted.


City Partners With Cigna to Offer Behavioral Health Treatment for First Responders

San Diego Police Officers

The City of San Diego and Cigna will offer behavioral wellness treatment to first responders and local law enforcement to help them cope with traumatic and high-stress situations while on the job.


4 Police Officers. 4 Different Ways to Cope with Suicide and Mental Health.

Opening screenshot of video by King 5 video about mental health

In recent years, the rates of suicide among police officers has continued to rise.  These interviews highlight the causes, ways some officers cope with exposure to trauma and crisis, and the impact it all has on their mental health.


King County-Based Conference Provides First Responders with Mental Health Resources

Banner for 1st Responder Conferences

Studies show that First Responders are in increasing need of mental health resources, as the rates of suicide among the professions increase.  The 1st Responders Conferences started by Deputy Shawn Thomas of the King County Sheriff's Office aim to be a gateway to those resources.