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What can patients bring?

We encourage patients to bring clothes like they were going on a short trip. Anything that they bring and cannot keep in their room will be secured, kept in storage and if appropriate, can be checked out for use.  We suggest that patients bring a list of the medications that they are currently using or the bottles,so that we have the correct information and their insurance cards if they have one. Packing for your stay

MediCal/MediCare related coverage issues?

Our facility is covered by Medicare for adults and seniors. MediCal covers services for those 20 and under and 65 and older. Insurance & Payment

Will detox just be "cold turkey", will I get medicated to manage any discomfort?

Each patients treatment is individualized. When indicated, we utilize a medication protocol which is determined by the psychiatrist and monitored by a primary care physician. We try to make the medical detox process as comfortable as possible.

Can I have visitors?

Yes. Visitors are encouraged during scheduled visiting hours. For family members that are visitors, we also have family sessions availabley to discuss issues in which brought the person to the facility and help the family discuss issues and learn resources to help the patient upon discharge. Visitaiton Hours & Guidelines

Do you have free community meetings?

 We offer a free aftercare program for any person that has been at Aurora San Diego hospital for any length of time for one year after discharge. We also provide other support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Emotional Anonymous (EA), Codependency Anonymous (CODA), and Alanon for family members of someone with addictions.  A list of these can be found here: Support Groups & Self-Help Groups

How do I get admitted? What is the process?

Call our Intake and Assessment Department: 858-675-4228 or toll free 888-565-4228 for a NO COST Confidential Assessment, which usually can be scheduled the same day. After one of our Mental Health Professionals have completed the assessment, a determination is made as to what level of care is clinically appropriate. If Inpatient Treatment is recommended, we determine if any insurance needs to be preauthorized. If for any reason Aurora San Diego Hospital is not a provider for the insurance carrier we will either make arrangement for a special rate with the insurance or have the person transferred to a facility which will be covered by the insurance carrier. If a person does not have any insurance, the business office will work with the person to make financial arrangements.  If Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Program is not recommended we work with a wide range of psychiatrists, therapists and agencies that we will provide referrals to. Admissions Process & Assessment

What does the stay cost?

Cash pay rates are quoted by the business office. Depending on the insurance plan, some coverages have a one-time admit fee or a co-pay per day.  These rates are determined by the insurance company and are based on the individual plan. We are not able to waive these fees due to contractual obligations.  Payment arrangements can be made by the business office for these fees.

Do you have Residential Teatment or ECT?

No. We do not provide Residential Treatment or ECT.

Can I make an appointment for an assessment? When is the best time to come in?

An appointment for a NO COST Confidential Assessment can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling: 858-675-4228 or toll free 888-565-4228.

How long will I stay?

The Assessment takes approximately 45 minutes, then depending on what level of care is recommended, it could take up to two hours total for the process to be completed. During an Inpatient Treatment stay the length of time in the hospital is determined between you and your psychiatrist.

Outpatient Treatment levels of care generally range from 10 - 24 sessions.

Can I leave whenever I want?

We encourage all patients to admit to the hospital on a voluntary basis. In some cases, involuntary hospitalization may be necessary. California law dictates that if during the clinical assessment, our team determines that you are a danger to yourself or others, you will be hospitalized for up to 72 hours for evaluation. 

Are there beds available?

Yes. Normally there are beds available on a daily basis. 

Will I see a psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists are on staff to see patients in the hospital. Psychological services are available on a case-by-case basis determined by your treatment team.

Will I have individual treatment?  

All treatment plans are individualized. We also will integrate family members if the person would like them involved. We offer individual and family sessions when appropriate.

Can I wear my own clothes?

Yes. Please note that there may be restrictions due to safety. Packing for your stay